Facial Kit

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Barley Papaya Facial Kit

Price: 950-1350 INR

Papaya Facial Kit is made from papaya and four sachets in it, which are papaya face scrub, cucumber gel, massage cream, orange anti tan pack and green apple lotion which helps in removing blemishes, gives cooling sensation to skin and improves skin tone.

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Barley Skin Lightening Facial Kit

Price: 1050-1450 INR

Barley Skin Lightening Facial Kit has the 6 steps for the facials that helps in the removal of those skin impurities and melanin that makes the skin tone darker and deep,the skin smooth and radiant,Protects the skin from recurrence of wrinkles.The steps include products like Cleanser,Scrub,Whitening Gel, Cream,Face pack and Whitening Serum.

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Barley D-Tan Facial Kit

Price: 1000-1450 INR

Barley D-Tan Facial Kit reduces the effect of UV rays on your skin and leaves it looking softer,more radiant, refreshed and moisturized. It helps slough off dead cells to fade away the while keeping the skin soft and hydrated.

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Barley Diamond Facial Kit

Price: 1200-1650 INR

Diamond is a women’s best friend and Barley takes the idea a bit more forward with their Barley Diamond Facial Kit. One of a kind facial kit, the Barley Diamond Facial Kit empowers to give women with an indulgent spa facial. The facial is enriched with diamond that fights premature aging of skin and offers an instant glow and polish to the skin. Facial treatment with the Barley facial kit will leave your skin polished, cleansed, and feeling fresh due to the unique formula that contains rich, natural active ingredients.

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Barley Aloe Vera Facial Kit

Price: 900-1250 INR

Aloe Vera Facial kit enriched with Aloe Vera extract and scientifically chosen Herbal ingredients & oils, this Facial Kit provides Soft Cleansing, detoxification and ample nourishment to the facial skin, It has excellent Anti ageing and anti wrinkle properties.

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Barley Coffee Facial Kit

Price: 1100-1500 INR

Barley Coffee Facial Kit is a strong antioxidant known for its anti-ageing benefits, On the surface it can help to reduce redness and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Coffee facial kit when applied topically through masks and other skin care treatments,constricts the blood vessels and help reduce inflammation and puffiness.

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Barley Charcoal Facial Kit

Price: 1100-1500 INR

Barley Charcoal Facial Kit deals with signs of ageing by boosting blood circulation, enhancing collagen and elastin production; in turn, bringing down issue of ageing, such as wrinkles, discoloration and pigmentation, crow feet, fine lines.

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Barley Gold Facial Kit

Price: 1100-1550 INR

Barley Gold Facial is a powerful anti ageing treatment , which provides thorough re-generation and nourishment to the skin . The pure gold content gives natural luster and youthful radiance to the skin . The facial helps in retaining moisture in the skin as well as increasing flexibility and smoothness.Nourishes the skin to give it that natural glow. It revitalizes your face and instantly gives you that luminous and radiant complexion


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